Internship at Ferrum AG, Schafisheim

Report of Tomas Shikongo

August 1 – October 31, 2015
Tomas Shikongo, Mechanical Engineering student, Polytechnic of Namibia

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Ferrum AG is a company that runs five different business units, thus providing a variety of industrial sectors. Products and services offered by Ferrum include: can seamers, centrifuges, car washing machines, manufacturing and foundry.

Cans in production

At work

My stay at Ferrum helped me to expand my practical skills and gave me the platform to apply the theoretical knowledge I was taught at school. Interpersonal skills, time management, project management, duty handling, quality control, administration, communication and workshop skills are part of the professionalism skills I acquired at Ferrum.

Me and my mentor Dario Di Domenico

Daniel Voss, Dario Di Domenico and my team colleagues

It was a pleasure to stay with the Schmid family, who helped me in all means. Their support and caring really made me adapt to Swiss life in a blink of an eye. I thought it would be tough to live with a Swiss family. but my worries were groundless, the Schmidt family offered me a warm-hearted home. They made me see many wonderful places and explained me the Swiss culture.

After work and on weekends, there were lots of activities to do on my own, with my colleagues, my family, and B360 experts in Switzerland. When the weather was good, I enjoyed bicycle tours to and from work. Thursdays after work, I played soccer with my supervisor Dario Di Domenico and Simon Hirt: it was always a battle of who is a ‘’schlechtes Fußballspieler‘‘.

At sports

Posing after shopping at the Italian market with Daniella and Rosalia

Generally the internship did not only help in career development, but it offered me a lot of life-long experiences that are significant for young people. I had so many chances and opportunities to guide me in correct decision making in life.

Thank you b360 for this experience, “continuare plasmare la vita degli Namibia studenti”.

Enjoying beautiful Lucerne

Küttigen, October 29, 2015