Praktika bei Credit Suisse

Report of Jason Kaindume

1. Februar 2015 – 30. April 2015
Jason Kaindume, Bachelors of Technology: Economics, Polytechnic of Namibia (transforming into University of Science and Technology).

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From day one, everything was ready for me to get started at my new working place at Credit Suisse. I received my first task on my very first day which was encouraging as it made me realize that this people meant “Business”.

First day at Credit Suisse: Daniel Tretheway, Leena and Jason, Marisa Rondinelli and Roberto Picano from left to right

In my first week, I was required to study online courses that would introduce me to banking practices and various aspects of the Wealth and Management Business. These courses speed up my understanding of what the department does and how they do it in an ethical manner. Later on I was exposed to different aspects of the business through various projects. I met with different team heads within the Index Solutions, Business Core and Management department to get an overview of the overall business and how it operates. I learnt a lot in a very short period, I improved my excel skills, communication skills, analytical skills and learnt how to behave in an ethical manner within the work place.

I worked on projects such as Cross border certification and Year-end agreement and I was responsible for monthly cost reports and monthly business highlights reports. I loved working with my two line managers, Daniel Tretheway and Marisa Rondinelli. They were very helpful and very polite. This was a great opportunity for me which serves as platform to start my career in banking and finance.

My workplace at Credit Suisse

Posing with CS managers after the final presentation

My whole team was very welcoming and I felt at home very quickly because everyone was friendly and willing to assist. I met a lot of role models within my department that greatly inspired me. I was astonished how much people know and how far they have gone with their academics. It made me realize that one is only limited to achieve more, by one’s own choice.

I had a very nice host family that provided me with a home far from my home. They were very kind and I enjoyed every moment with them.

My guest family Jasmin Beutler and Markus Häberli

Visit at Chocolat Frey including tasting

I would like to thank B360 education partnerships for this amazing opportunity and for taking the initiative to build capacity in Southern Africa.