Praktika bei Credit Suisse

Report of Leena Shipanga

1. Februar 2015 – 30. April 2015
Leena Shipanga, Bachelors of Accounting, Polytechnic of Namibia
(transforming into University of Science and Technology)

Im Moment nur in Englisch verfügbar

Youtube film on Leena Shipanga and Jason Kaindume

I have spent an amazing internship in Switzerland. I was much honored to be part of a very supportive and dynamic team. I worked a lot with the different team members, which has been an interesting experience for me. My team was fully behind me and always gave me a helping hand.

Roberto Picano, Leena Shipanga and Daniel Gasser at Credit Suisse

,,I have gained the gift of believing in myself, knowing that I can achieve anything’’

I believe that I have learned quite a number of things that are beneficial to my future as a young person. But if I had to pick out two, I would say that I have gained the gift of believing in myself, knowing that I can achieve anything. I learned how to tackle challenges that I am faced with. The fact that I might not know where or how to start is not what I should set my mind to but rather concentrate on the knowledge that I can overcome it.

Credit Suisse is a great company. I have gained a lot of exposure. I have learned the importance of business, how the business world works and to me this was the greatest experience. I have been involved in quite a number of projects, my excel skills have become impressive, I have also learned how to work with data base systems and many more tools.

Also, I worked with different people; like our partners in India or elsewhere, everyone had something different to offer. I have learned a lot about people; how they do their work, how they tackle challenges etc. For me this was amazing because people are the core of business. In understanding this I was able to gain their trust and work mostly independently as I have shown that I was interested and that I had the capabilities of doing the job right and on a timely basis.

My stay has been good, I was very happy to be with my guest family. They have been supportive all the way through, they would encourage me and help me out whenever I needed it. I was treated as a member of the family and not a guest which really made me feel welcome and more comfortable with moving around the house.

Skiing in Arosa with my ski teacher                                                 

and with guest family Silvia Staub, Christoph Sievers and Sandra Weidmann from B360

I have had a great internship and a wonderful stay in Switzerland. Thank you for choosing me, I hope I have proven myself worthy of the chance given to me.