Emma Hekandjo

Credit Suisse Experienced Talent Acquisition

Student in Human Resources Management, Namibia University of Science and Technology
01. February - 30. April 2017

Im Moment nur in Englisch verfügbar.

Working at Credit Suisse

My internship journey have been great since the first day in Switzerland. At work, my team welcomed me with open arms. I received welcoming presents such as cards, chocolates and all the stationeries I needed. They offered me an amazing orientation and I settled well. I was amazed by the way everything was planned, and this gave me a good feeling that they were looking upon my arrival.
I worked in a goal oriented team, with dedicated people. They were willing to help me whenever I need help. I learned a lot and I was able to apply what I learned during my studies. I learned new skills such as good communication skills, interpersonal skills, organizational skills as well as time management. I came to know more about the recruitment processes, strategies and the tools that can be used to facilitate the recruiting process.

I gained more insights about human resources administration as well, and I had opportunities to visit other departments such as Campus recruiting, International Assignment management, IT and eLearning Advisor/Digital Learning. I enjoyed my job, I like the people around me and I never had a boring moment at work.

my team member Marlene Fizun and Markus Hoferwith my felow Interns 1

My team members Marlene Fizun and Markus Hofer

With my fellow interns

My Networks

I have met lots of people here, whom I had good connections with. They helped me to settle and we had good moments with them. I will miss them a lot!

Cold excursion to EinsiedelnEmma in London

Cold excursion to Einsiedeln

Trip to London

Host family

I stayed with the most generous host parents. They took good care of me and they treated me like their real daughter. They always advised me on the positive note to be a better person in life, and motivated me that I can do better. They introduced me to their families as well and I appreciate it so much. We travelled and explored lots of places such as the Engadin, Bern and London just to mention a few. They gave me all the support, could it be financial, healthy support, educational support and they changed my life so much. I have been always free to move and I felt at home. I never felt homesick or bored, I enjoyed every moment I had. I would like to thank Lotti and Peter for hosting me and I appreciate everything they did for me. May God bless them.

with host family in London3 Goodby Peter and Lotti

My host family

Goodye Lotti and Peter!

I would also like to give words of appreciations to B360, Credit Suisse and everyone who made my internship possible. Thank you very much.

Feldmeilen, April 2017