Credit Suisse Export Finance

Economics student at the University of Zambia UNZA
February 1 - April 30, 2017

Im Moment nur in Englisch verfügbar.


It has been eye opening and mind blowing to know how to execute work practically from the theoretical mind set. I generally have learned how clients are handled on a broad perspective. How transactions are structured, setup, monitored and reported. I have learned that there are certain compliance rules that are to be followed inclusive of how one is to conduct themselves in the corporate working environment and that the risk factor is major component that the bank looks at before getting into any relationship with a client. Being time conscious and teamwork is the order of the day. Therefore, I can say that I have learned to have a professional mindset and attitude when I am in the corporate world which can help me to achieve my future goals. It is encouraging, motivating and challenging to see different people of different nationality working together with a common goal and this is amazing to see. Great thanks to the Portfolio Management Team, I would not have done it without them.

Host family

The Sinn family have been a very kind and loving family and have provided me with a place I can call home. They have introduced me to the culture here in Switzerland and made feel at home. It is amazing to see people with such big hearts being able to accommodate someone from a different cultural world, as this is not easy. They have taught me how to run my own home and how to raise my children and have introduced me to different kinds of foods and recipes. They have nurtured me from the time I came until now in other words they have been like parents to me. They have taken me with them to different places in Switzerland and Germany and showed me around. Where I have lacked they have provided. They have motivated and encouraged me in different ways. I am forever grateful  to them and they have been the best . I have learned that the same way they have given me a helping hand is the same way I should also extend mine within my means.


It has been a great opportunity of which has been encouraging and motivating for me to be a better person. I have learned how work can be transformed from theory into practical and have learned the culture of Switzerland. This exposure is motivating and I am forever thankful to you.