Internship at KPMG

Report of Ruth Andreas

March 1 – May 31, 2013
Ruth Andreas, Human Resources student, Polytechnic of Namibia

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My Swiss experience as intern in the Human Resource Department at KPMG Zürich Switzerland I started working at KPMG on March 1, 2013 with Markus Reinke, B360 Expert and Senior Manager HR Analytics, as my supervisor. Markus has introduced me to the HR team and help me get to know the work dynamic and HR policies. Lotti Schneider, member of the B360 advisory board and HR Business Partner for Audit FS was my coach.  She helped me to understand more about the KPMG organisational culture, non-verbal communication and the 7 star qualities.

I have not only learned the importance of Human Resources at KPMG but I work with a dynamic team of enthusiastic people who were very helpful and encouraging in work ethics and personal development. I have never worked in Namibia before, so I got my first work experience at KPMG Switzerland. The knowledge that I have gained from my tasks is diligence, efficiency, persistence, teamwork and courage to ask questions. Everyone in the HR department was willing to help, the team spirit was incredible. Never did I imagine that I could call colleagues by their first names at work, all my colleagues were super friendly.

Switzerland is a beautiful place with a fast and efficient transport system. The People are friendly and helpful. Every moment I spent in Switzerland is a lesson well learned and I understood and adapted to it. My host parents were perfect and everything went well. The only challenge I encountered was the language although I picked up some German at my host parents and my colleagues at work.

To conclude my practical knowledge is enhanced and now I fully understand the duties, tasks and the people that make the KPMG HR Department an important contributor to the success of the company. I am glad I got to share in the department’s success through my stay at KPMG.