Update August 2017

B360 internship program – ‘Sending North’

On August 1, the B360 team welcomed six cheerful, young Namibians at Zurich airport. They surprised us with German skills and words like “Grüezi”, “danke” and “das freut mich”. Equipped with important information, the adventure could start. Driving through the green Swiss countryside the students were amazed and had many questions. The festive flags and different activities including fireworks for our national day were a warm welcome.

Already on August 2, the two women and four men started their internships at Bank Julius Bär, Ferrum, HACO, SQTS, ZHAW and Zweifel Pomy-Chips. A big thank you to all these companies as well as to our host families and donors. Their support make these unique experiences in Switzerland possible for our young Namibian guests.

Parcevarl with host family Maurer

Alphons with hosts Dieter and Corinne Gantenbein

Family Keller with Manoria

Wallace and host Madeleine Abdulkadir

Family Blumenthal with Ndeshi

Markus Häberli and Jasmin Beutler Häberli with Lot

B360 expert program – ‘Sending South’

In the second semester 2017 we will send eleven experts to Southern Africa – seven to Namibia, one to Zambia and three to South Africa.

Outlook 2018

For both programs, the planning processes for next year are already well underway. We are currently recruiting students for the February internships and looking for host families. At the same time we are planning expert assignments for the first semester 2018.