Update July 2018

At the end of June a high-level delegation from the University of Science an Technology (NUST) in Windhoek visited with us. The guests from our partner university in Namibia followed the invitations from Hofmann-La Roche Basel and from ZHAW Wädenswil. They also took part in the ninth B360 annual event at Museum Rietberg in Zurich. On this occasion, the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between B360 and NUST was renewed and the further collaboration sealed.

In the run-up to the festivities at Rietberg we asked our three Namibian guests a few questions.




Dr Tjama Tjivikua, Vice Chancellor of the Namibia University of Science and Technology

„This partnership has created a network of friends, a network of activities, bringing together different people with seemingly different interests. But now they come together for a common cause.“
Interview with Dr Tjama Tjivikua



Dr Sehaam Khan, Dean of the Health and Applied Sciences Faculty
“I see the great benefit in having the Career Starter programme and the corresponding skillset for every single staff member and student within my faculty.”
Interview whit Dr Sehaam Khan



Dr Sam John, Dean of the Engineering Faculty
“When they come to Switzerland they see more and experience more, they realize that they can achieve more than what they imagined.“
Interview with Dr Sam John