Update August 2018

Eager to start their internships in Switzerland on August 1, eight students from Namibia and Zambia landed at Zurich airport on August 1.

Name                              Country  Studies      
Internship company          
Antonia Iipinge  Namibia Env. Health and Safety Haco AG, Guemligen
Aston Mambwe Zambia Mech. Engineer Ferrum AG, Schafisheim
Joseph Nanchengwa Zambia Mech. Engineer Buechi AG, Flawil
Loise Uugwanga Namibia Media Technology Swiss Re, Zurich
Ndahafa Joseph Namibia Env. Health and Safety Chocolat Frey AG, Buchs
Salatiel Ismael Namibia Natural Sciences SQTS, Courtepin
Theresia Hausiku  Namibia Natural Sciences  Buechi AG, Flawil
Victoria Shuuya  Namibia Biomedicine ZHAW, Waedenswil

They will do internships in Swiss companies from August to October and live in Swiss families. We hope that they will learn a lot during these three months for their future professional careers in Southern Africa. We also hope that there will be an enriching cultural exchange at their work places as well as in the host families. We thank all involved parties for their support: the host families, the company mentors and our sponsors.