Student internships


A key part of the 360° approach is the B360 internship program for Southern African students in European companies. We set up internships for the top students from our partner universities lasting three months. These offer a stimulating learning opportunity for both the interns and their host colleagues. Reference companies for these internships so far in Switzerland include Credit Suisse, Swiss Quality Testing Services (SQTS, Direktion Migros), Coop Zentrallabor, Chocolat Frey, Deloitte, Ferrum AG, HACO, Julius Baer, KPMG, Mediaschneider and Zweifel Pomy Chips.

We urgently need internship opportunities in Marketing, HR, Finance, Food Safety, Occupational Safety and Engineering in the public and private sector. Can you help us? Please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Phone +41 41 710 99 16.

Time frame: Internships last three months. Timing is reviewed case by case, taking into consideration the company’s requirement and the curriculum of students.

Sectors: All sectors

Intern profile: Students are generally fourth year bachelor students with no prior work experience. Their level is comparable to bachelor students at applied science universities in Europe. Students speak English.

Accommodation: Students stay with host families

Costs: Ideally companies cover the full cost of an assignment, which includes the flight, visa costs and the salaries. Depending on the salary paid, a three-month internship costs CHF 12’000-13’000. Housing costs, food, health insurance etc are paid by the student. Tailor-made arrangements and cost sharing is reviewed case by case.