B360 for Universities in Southern Africa


'The students gain immediate advantages from the knowledge of the B360 experts and the interaction with them. Co-teaching and collaboration between the experts and faculties then bring extra sustainability thanks to durable knowledge transfer and valuable exchange of experience, integrating inputs from the ‘real world'.'
Professor Tjama Tjivikua, Rector of the Namibia University of Science and Technology

B360 has a pool of experts in the fields of Business Management, Civil Engineering, Communication, Economics, E-Learning, Finance and Accounting, Food Safety, Human Resources, Journalism, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, Media Technology, Logistics, Occupational Health and Safety, Risk Management, SME Development. Additional disciplines are continually being added to meet specific local requirements.

These professionals, with proven experience in lecturing and training at an international level, share their subject-matter and business-based knowledge and expertise with students, lecturers and school management at our partner universities in Southern Africa.

Tailor-made assignments can take the form of lectures and case studies within the normal teaching syllabus, workshops, seminars, practical training and one-on-one coaching sessions.